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What Colour of Masterpoint and How Many Will I Win?

Silver points will be awarded on the weekend and Black points will be awarded from Monday to Wednesday.

These are sanctioned club games, not a sectional or regional (see below). The number of points awarded will depend on the number of tables in each section. All Open games will attract masterpoints based on the total number of tables in that game plus the concurrent limited games.  Masterpoints awarded in the 1499er game will not take into account the number of tables in the 99er game.  


Where Will I Find the Games on BBO?

The games will be on, in the Virtual Clubs section, under ACBL North America.  The games will appear in the Virtual Club system two hours before game time – the heading will include “Bermuda Invitational Tournament”.  Make sure you click on the right game – Open, 1499er or 99er - when you enter!

You are advised to sign in early, particularly for your first game in the Tournament. If you find you cannot sign in,  it may be your BBO name has not been properly captured i.e. if it was incorrectly entered on your registration form, you will be unable to sign into any games.  It is normally easy to resolve this issue (as long as you allow a little time) – send an email to with your BBO name and ask for it to be checked.

Remember, you need to pre-register at least one hour ahead of the first game in which you want to play by clicking the link on the invitation you were sent, or by following the Register link on our homepage. You need a BBO username.


Where Will I see the Results and the Masterpoint Awards?

Results for individual games will be available of the Results Tab of this website and will be available approximately 20 minutes after each game. Results for the two Series championships and the Masterpoints races will be posted on the website as soon as possible after each game.

Masterpoint awards will be determined by the ACBL – provisional awards shown on BBO at the end of each game may be adjusted by the ACBL to comply with ACBL requirements.   

To receive notification of your results from ACBL Live via email or text message:

Selected results will also be posted in the daily Bulletins


Is This a Regional Tournament?

No. The ACBL has cancelled all Regional sanctions until April, so we are running this tournament as a specially sanctioned club game under the Bermuda Bridge Federation banner.


Is This Tournament Just for Past-Participants?

It's an invitation only event. But we are keen to invite players who are interested in participating in the Bermuda Regional in 2022. If you have a partner or know a club member who may be interested, please feel free to forward your invite or direct them to this website so that they can register.

Remember, you need to pre-register by clicking the link on the invitation you were sent, or by following the Register link on our homepage at least one hour ahead of the first game in which you want to play. To register you will need a BBO username. 


Can I Play in Just One Game?

Yes, you can play in just one game, or all of them. Even in the Series, you can just play one game but won't be eligible for the prizes unless you have played three games.


Do I need the Same Partner to compete in the Series Games?

No, you can play with multiple partners in the series games, or just play in one.


Do I need to be a Member of the ACBL?

No. You can play if you aren't an ACBL member, but only in the Open section.

If you are a beginner, you could take advantage of the ACBL's current offer for 120 days free guest membership by following this link . You will need to attach your ACBL number to your BBO profile at least 48 hours before your first game, to play in the 99er or 1499er games.

Note that to be eligible for the 99er or 1499er games, you need to make sure your ACBL number is in the BBO system. If in any doubt, open BBO and click on ACBL World.  You will see a blue box towards the bottom of the screen  "Add your ACBL number".  Click on the link and you should be able to see your ACBL number if it is already linked. 


Will there be a Partnership Desk?

Yes, there will be an online partnership desk for people looking to play, as there is with any BBO game.


What are the Prizes?

The goal of the tournament, aside from having fun playing bridge with friends, is to promote the 2022 Bermuda Regional. So all prizes relate to the 2022 Bermuda Regional and are only redeemable if you attend that event in person (i.e. they aren't transferable). Prizes are as follows:

Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Bermuda Bridge Federation. If the 2022 Regional is cancelled, the prizes may be rolled forward to the next Regional.


How can I Redeem my Prizes?

We will email details of how to redeem the Flight and Hotel vouchers to the winners of those events. Section Top winners can collect their free game vouchers at the hospitality desk in Bermuda, in January 2022.


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Terms and Conditions

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