2021 Online Tournament Schedule

Downoad 2021 Online Schedule here



Competition Prizes:

Charity Pairs (Open and <100), $200 hotel voucher for 2022 tournament per pair (i.e. $100 each)

Horseshoe Beach and Pink Beach Series (Open, <1500 and <100): $200 hotel voucher for 2022 tournament for individual winner (split if tied). Average of best 3 percentage scores from 4 games. Multiple partners allowed.   

Section Tops: Free game voucher for 2022 Tournament ($16 value)

Highest scoring overseas Player: Overall and Top 99er player, $500 air travel voucher to next year’s regional

ACBL members will be awarded silver masterpoints on 23rd and 24th, black masterpoints 26th to 28th. Non-ACBL members can play in Open games only.

All games are scored as standalone, single session games. Open and <1500 Flights will be merged if not enough tables.


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