Masterpoint Races 2020

MASTERPOINT RACES and Trophy Awards:

(Results will be uploaded with active links, when available)

Final Results

        ALL PLAYERS Masterpoints won

        BERMUDIANS Masterpoints won

        VISITORS Masterpoints won

MAUDE LINES TROPHY - based on Points earned by Visitors in eligible events

NORMAN BACH TROPHY  - based on Points earned by Bermudians in eligible events

LONGTAIL CUP - based on Points earned by VISITOR Juniors (<50)  in Newcomer events

KARL HICKS TROPHY -  based on Points earned BERMUDIAN Juniors (<20)  in Newcomer events

Please note:  Juniors, both visitor and local, MUST play in a minimum of 3 sessions in the Newcomer pairs to qualify for a trophy.


Norman Bach & Maude Lines trophies are awarded BY MOST  masterpoints earned in eligible events.

Junior Trophies require a minimum of 3 sessions in the Novice Games.   No repeat winners.


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