2018 Winners Gallery


Saturday Evening Charity Pairs - 27 January

Overall Winners in the Open Section

   Charity Open

Foster Osborne and Piotr Olszewski were the toast of the town on Saturday night,

winning Sections A and B of the prestigious Charity Paiirs.

Three cheers for them! 

Charity Pairs

Junior Charity Pairs Winners

Junior Charity Winners

Rosemary Dangler and Mary Anne Kinum scored a fantastic win in the Junior Charity Pairs

Well done, Winning Women.

Sunday Bracketed Round Robin Teams - 28 January

Round Robin Team Bracket 1

Eddie Wold, Robert Morris, Kay Enfield and Orien Kriegel were four members of a five-man team which took flight and won in Bracket 1 of the Round Robin event.  Their 5th team member was splashing about in the hotel pool but soon presented himself for a victory photo (see below)

Mike Levine

Mike Levine paddled up to the lobby and continued the nautical theme for his victory photo as the 5th member of the Round Robin winning team on Sunday.

ko teams

Bracket 2

Round Robin Bracket 2

What a coup in Bracket 2 for Alan Godes, Bari Boyer, Carol Seager and Russ Craft,

a team put together by our fantastic Partnerships Desk

Bracket 3

Round Robin Bracket 3
Bracket 4

Bracket 4 Round Robin

Top score in Bracket 4 of the Round Robin went to Sharon Coupples, Margaret Lawrence, Margaret Anne Dodson and Lesly Ruggles.

Laurels to the Ladies from the Maritimes

Bracket 5

Round Robin Bracket 5

Overdrive in Bracket 5 on Sunday night secured victory for 

Craig Ellis, David Ellis, Caryl Marcellus and Heather Cassels

Sunday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs - 28 January

Thursday Aftrnoon Newcomer Pairs - Feb 1st

Sun afternoon Newcomer Pairs

Joyce Pierce and Kathryn Rose triumphed in the Sunday afternoon Newcomer Pairs

AND in the Thursday afternoon Newcomer Pairs.

Nice work, ladies, and nice shoes, too!

Sunday Afternoon Side Game - 28 January

Jeff and Gail

Proving too good in the Sunday afternoon side game were the twosome of

Gail Greenberg and Jeff Hand.

Well done to them.

Monday Morning Newcomer Pairs - 29 January

Tuesday Morning Newcomer Pairs - 30 January

Wednesday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs - 31 January

Tuesday morning Newcomer Pairs

Lisa Ferrari and Betsy Baillie scored  a hat trick of Newcomer wins in the Monday morning Newcomer Pairs, the Tuesday morning Newcomer Pairs and the Wednesday afternoon Newcomer Pairs.

Way to go, winning women!

Monday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs - 29 January

Heather and Kathleen

Last year's Longtail Trophy Winner Kathleen Hart (L)

and this year's Longtail Trophy Winner Helen Lerberg

proved the Pair Without Compare in the Monday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs.

Monday Evening Newcomer Pairs 29 January

Thursday Evening Newcomer Pairs February 1


Locals Michael and Heather Farrugia were successful in the Monday Evening Newcomer Pairs

AND the Thursday Evening Newcomer Pairs.

Well done to them.

Mon-Tue Morning Compact KO  - 29/30 January

Bracket 1

Compact KO Teams

Counting out the opposition in the Compact K.O. were (L)

Robert Todd, Gertie Barker, Rachael Gosling and Simon Giffen

What champs!

Single Session Swiss  - 30 January

Single Session Swiss

Mark Siegrist, Marg Willis, Glenn Barkey and Dave Willis banked a great victory

in the Single Session Swiss.

Congrats to all!

Tuesday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs - 30 January

Tuesday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs

Congratulations to Kathryn Rose (L) and Joyce Piercefor a fine win in Tuesday afternoon’s Newcomer Pairs.These two are having rather a good tournament having also won

theSunday afternoon Newcomer Pairs. On a roll, Ladies!

The rest of us want some of whatever’s in that bag!

Tuesday Evening Newcomer Pairs - 30 January

Tuesday Evening Newcomers

Locals Carol Eastham (L) and Nikki Boyce triumphed in the Tuesday Evening Newcomer Pairs.

Hail to Bermuda!

Tuesday Afternoon Side Game - 30 January

Tues afternoon side game

With a whopping 72% game, G.S. Jade Barrett and Dr. Donna Lombardini

won the Tuesday afternoon side game.

Nice work, you two!

Mon-Tue Evening Championship Pairs I 

29/30 January

Jeff and Gail

Gail Greenberg and Jeff Hand earned more success in this Prestgious Pairs Event.

It takes two of the very best!

Gail and Jeff


Flight B

Championship Pairs B

Former resident Kevin Comeau and local Alan Douglas took top honours in Flight B

of the Championship Pairs

Way to go, guys! 

Mon-Tue Evening Bermuda Gold Pairs I

29/30 January

Bermuda Gold 1

        Cindy Phelan (L) and Susan Lemkau struck gold in the Berrmuda Gold Pairs.

Go, Go, Golden Girls!

Wednesday Evening Side Game - January 31st

Wed eve side game

Playing their cards just right in the Wednesday Evening side game 

were Jane Crewcock and Maureen Bitler

who said they would be coming to this Tournament for the rest of their days.

Congratulations and long lives, ladies!

Wed-Thu Morning Swiss Teams - 31/1 February

Two Session Swiss

Securing sweet success in Flight A of the two-session Swiss teams Event were (from L)

Robert Todd, Rachael Gosling, Stephan Juliusburger and Simon Giffen

Bravo, Bermuda!

Mon-Thu Championship KO Teams - 29 Jan - 1st Feb

Championship Pairs II

Celebrations and Thumbs Up for a great win in the Championship KO Teams for, Eddie Wold, Oren Kriegel, Kay Enfield, Robert Morris and Mike Levine.

Three cheers for them!

ko teams

Bracket 2

KO Teams Bracket 2

Bracket 2 of this Blue Ribbon Event was won by the local team of

John Glynn, Molly Taussig, Diana Diel and Elizabeth McKee.

Good going, Team!

Bracket 2

Bracket 3

KO Bracket 3

Another local team scored big in the KO Teams Event, securing victory in Bracket 3.

They are Ed Betteto, Lynanne Bolton, Fabian Hupe and Peter Donnellan.

Laurels to the locals!

Peter and Lynanne

Bracket 4

KO Bracket 4

Congratulations to the max to this team from Halifax which took top honours

in Bracket 4 of the KO Teams.

They are Kate MacIsaac, Helen prowse, Mary Goodman, and Nancy Spencer.

We salute these Dames who win their games!

Wed-Thu Afternoon Swiss Teams - 31/1 Feb


Triumphant in the Wed/Thurs Afternoon Swiss Teams

were (From L) Phil Sharpsteen (VT), Ellie Hanlon (FL), Donna Lombardini (SD), Mary Savko (FL)

 and G.S. Jade Barrett (SD)

Banking victory in the Swiss!

Well played, Team!

Wed-Thu Evening Championship Pairs II -
31 Jan - 1st Feb

Championship Pairs II

Glenn Barkey (ON) and David Willis (ON) aced this prestigious pairs event,

giving them a real Canada High!

Congratulations to them.

Open Pairs ii


Wed-Thu  Bermuda Gold II Pairs

31 Jan - 1st Feb

                                                       Bda Gold II                                                        

 It was a busy day on Thursday for Lorraine and Joe Coen, playing in the Swiss in the morning, playing golf in the afternoon, and WINNING THE Bermuda Gold Pairs II in the evening.

Congratulations to them on their first visit to Bermuda!

Bda Gold II

Friday Morning Side Game - 2 Feb

Friday Morning Side game

There was last minute s uccess for Rhode Islanders Barbara Bauchspies (L) and Beverly Nill who won the Friday MorningSide Game.

It’s their first visit to Bermuda and they’re definitely coming back – “especially after this win”, said Barbara.

Friday Stratiflghted Swiss Teams - 2 Feb

Flight A

Swiss A


The curtain may be falling on this year's tournament but the standards certainly aren't

as was proved by the Betteto team of (L to R)

Fabian Hupe (Bda), Margie Sullivan (MA), Rena Lieberman (MA), and Ed Betteto (Bda)

 by taking top honours in Flight A of today's Stratiflighted Swiss Teams event.

What a class act!

Flight X

Swiss X

Swiss X

Flight B

Swiss B

Flight B

Flight C


Swiss C

Flight D


Swiss D

Peter and Lynanne


Bermuda Trophy, Local Junior Masterpoint Race


17 year old Adeline Young won the Bermuda Trophy despite just graduating from Bermuda's Youth Bridge Programme.

Way to go, Adeline!

Adeline Presentation


Longtail Trophy, Overseas Junior Masterpoint Race



Maude Lines Trophy, Overseas Open Masterpoint Race


All week, we've been spelling Oren Kriegel's name wrongly, but we can spell "Winner" and we can spell "Conratulations" for winning this coveted trophy.

Oren Presentation

Norman Bach Trophy, Local Open Masterpoint Race

Norman Bach

Local Ed Betteto had a truly amazing tournament, not only becoming the Local to earn the most masterpoints during the week nut also the scoring more points than all the visitors,including some pretty heavyweight pros.

Massive Kudos to Ed!


Ruby Life Master

Tournament regular Lilian Grant from Toronto became a

Ruby Life Master (or Mistress) on Tuesday,

giving us the unmissable opportunity of saying, "Nice work, Ruby Tuesday!"


Local favourite Stephanie Kyme also achieved her Ruby  Life Master (or Mistress) status this week and promises to celebrate in style with husband Eddie. 

Cheers to you, Stephanie!

Judy King

Early in the tournament, local Judy King achieved Life Master status.

From King to Queen overnight and we congratulate her.

Ed Betteto

Local player Ed Betteto achieved his Silver Life Master status during the tournament as you can tell by the masterul way he stands. 

Way to get ahead, Ed!