Saturday Evening Charity Pairs - 26th January

Open Charity Pairs Winners


The Charity Champs for 2019 are long-time supporters of the Tournament

Stephen Rzewski and Margie Sullivan.  Congratulations, both.


Junior Charity Pairs Winners

Junior Charity Winners

Sisters Kathryn Landey and Deborah Landey reunited for the junior Charity Game game and took top honours.


Sunday Bracketed Round Robin Teams - 27th January

Round Robin Winners

Number 1 in Bracket 1 of the Round Robin event were

Mary Savko, Chris Smith, Debbie Drury, and Ellie Hanlon

Bracket 2

Bracket 2

There was quite a coup in Bracket 2 for locals

Bill Souster, Ed Betteto, David Sykes, and Fabian Hupe

Bracket 3

Bracket 3

The Grand Prix in Bracket 3 went to 

Judith Aikman, Heather Burling, Joe Coens, and Lorraine Coens

Bracket 4

Bracket 4

Top score in Bracket 4 was earned by Joanne Grandy, Kathleen Hart, Roma Cheung and Nora Guinane

Bracket 5

Bracket 5

Overdrive in Bracket 5 secured success for

Margaret Anne Dodson, Carm Bailey, Lesley Ruggles, and DeeDee Dyer

Bracket 6

Bracket 6

The most tricks in Bracket 6 were taken by locals

Claude Guay, Lisa Ferrari, Betsy Baillie, and Sharon Shanahan

Sunday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs - 27th January

Sunday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs

Makiing news in Sunday afternoon's Newcomer Pairs were Rosemary Dangler and Mary Anne Kinum

Sunday Afternoon Side Game - 27th January

Sun afternoon side

Victorious in Sunday afternoon's side game were Gloria Coady and Ginettee Brown.

Sunday Evening Side Game - 27th January


This selfie was taken by Andie Sheaffer and Barry Gorsky to mark their win in the Sunday evening side game.

Monday Newcomer Pairs - 28th January - ALL THREE

Monday Newcomer Pairs

In a rare and wonderful achievement, locals Claude Guay and Sharon Shanahan won

ALL THREE of Monday's Newcomer Pairs Events

Monday Morning Side Game - 28th January

Monday Morning Side

Solid as rocks, the Granite Club's Donnadale Smith and Mike Kammermayer excelled on the side

Tuesday Morning Newcomer Pairs - 29th January

Tues Morning Newcomers

Sue Garthwaite and Bill Kleimnhofer from the Bridge Sprees Group lost no time in toasting a fine win

in Tuesday omrning's Newcomer Pairs

Mon-Tue Evening Championship Pairs I 

28th-29th January

Championship Pairs 1

Winners of the first of our prestigious Championship Pairs' Events were the distinguished

Jeff Hand and Gail Greenberg

Flight B

Open Pairs Flight B

Victorious from Virginia in Flight B of the Campionship Pairs 1 were Peter Haglich and Joyce Currie

Flight C

Championship Pairs Flight C

R. Edward Kelley and Peter Griff aced Flight C of the Championship Pairs 1

Mon-Tues Morning Compact KO

28th-29th January

Compact KO

Delivering the fatal blows in the Compact KO Event were Ed White, Alan Douglas,

Donna Lombardini and G.S. Jade Barrett

Bracket 2


Winning women in Bracket 2 of the Compact KO were

Goldie Trager, Trish Hattie, Debbie Garson and Ginny Saunders

Bracket 3


Finishing first in Bracket 3 of the KO were

Andrew Douglas, Beverley Snow, Pam Dean and Ken Maclean

Mon-Tue Evening Bermuda Gold Pairs I

28th-29th January

Gold Rush 1

Golden Girls in the Bermuda Gold Pairs 1 were Daniele Favre-Panayotatos and Carolyn Overland

Wednesday Morning Newcomer Pairs - 30th January

Wed Morning

Joy came in the morning for Carla and Paul DiMarzio as they took the top prize in Wednesday's Newcomer Pairs

Wednesday Afternoon Newcomer Pairs - 30th January

Side Game

Making locals proud in Wednesday afternoon's Newcomer Pairs were Richard Hall and Lisa Ferrari

Wednesday Afternoon Side Game - 30th January

Side Game

Linda Pollett and Robert Todd covered themselves in glory in the  Wednesday afternoon side game



Wed-Thu Evening Championship Pairs II - 31st Jan-1st Feb 


In a second sensational Blue Ribbon win, Jeff Hand and Gail Greenberg proved the Pair without Compare

Flight B

Flight B

Success in Flight B of the Championship Pairs II came to locals Gertie Barker and John Glynn


Mon-Thu Championship KO Teams

28th Jan - 31st January

KO Teams

Winners of the coveted Kindley Cup this year are

Rudu Nistor, Barbara McLendon, Shirley Tartick and Daniel Lavee

Bracket 2

KO Teams

Locals Elizabeth McKee, Molly Taussig, Diana Diel and John Glynn

were triumphant in Bracket 2 of the Championship KO Event

Bracket 3

ko teams 2

Successful in Bracket 3 of the Championship KO Event were

Peter Griff, Betsey Paige, Jenny Koenecke and R. Edward Kelley


Wed-Thu Morning Swiss Teams-30th - 31st January


Ed White, Alan Douglas, Donna Lombardino and G.S. Jade Barrett

Banked victory in the morning Swiss event 


Wed-Thu Afternoon Swiss Teams-30th - 31st January


Sweet success in the afternoon Swiss went to locals

Alan Douglas, David Sykes, Ed Betteto and Fabian Hupe


Friday Stratiflghted Swiss Teams - 2nd Feb


The final bow in the last Championship Event of the Tournament was taken by

David Sykes, Ed White, Alan Douglas and Bill Souster

Flight X


Sharing victory in Flight X were two teams of locals:

Gertie Barker, Judy Bussell, Magda Farag and Jane Smith.

The only man standing from the other team was Charles Hall who played

with Margie Way, Diana Diel and Tony Saunders

Flights B and C


Conquering all in Flights B and C were

Peter Donnellan, Lynanne Bolton, Linda Pollett and Bill Pollett

Flight D


Taking the laurels in Flight D were

Donnadale Smith, Elaine Wallace, Dawne Griffiths and Liz Donovan


The Maude Lines Trophy

Overseas Open Masterpoint Race

Maude Lines

Congratulations to Gail Greenberg and Jeff Hand


The Norman Bach Trophy

Local Open Masterpoint Race

Norman Bach

Three cheers for John Glynn

The Longtail Trophy 

Overseas Junior Masterpoint Race


Glasses raised to Gail and Bill Williams


The Karl Stanley Hicks Trophy

Local Junior Masterpoint Race

No photo available but awarded to Joann Dawson




Fantastically, Angela Huang achieved Sapphire Life Master status this week.

Big applause to her!


Life Master

Morris Trager achieved Life Master status this week.  Kudos to him!