Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the tournament hotel? Are there special rates for the hotel?

The tournament is held at the fabulous Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda's premier resort hotel.  We have held it there for many years and they give us great rates and look after us extremely well.  When booking, ask for the Bridge Rate.  This EXCLUDES government tax of 9.75% and daily gratuities, but includes: full afternoon tea every day,  snacks at night, various cocktail parties & entertainment. 
Tel. 1-877-570-5571 or email [email protected] Alternatively you can book online via this website which automatically gives you the bridge rates and meal plan options.

Does the meal plan limit you to a specific restaurant? If I choose to book a room only, where can I eat?

You are not restricted to one restaurant as the hotel has several wonderful restaurants to choose from, whether you are on a meal plan or room only.

If I come alone, will I find a partner?

We have a great Partnership desk run by Judy Bussell. You can contact her in advance or wait until you arrive, giving an indication of your level/number of Master Points.  Many of Judy’s new partnerships go on to win!

I’ve heard about the great hospitality at the Bermuda Regional.  What entertainment is there in addition to bridge?

The Bermuda Regional tournament is known for its fun and friendliness, with a touch of class, and the committee is working hard to ensure that this year is no different. Bridge games are scheduled morning, afternoon and evening but we also have a variety of (free) post-game events and entertainment. These include panel shows and expert lectures from well known bridge players, a market of local wares one day at tea time and a Bermuda rum swizzle party after an evening game.  If there is sufficient interest we may hold a garden tour and a golf tournament.  Finally the week wouldn’t be complete without our signature banquet and prize-giving on the final night, followed by dancing to a local live band. 

My spouse doesn’t play bridge.  What is there for him/her to do at the hotel?

First of all, your non-playing partner is very welcome to attend all the evening cocktail parties and other tournament entertainment. As Bermuda’s premier resort hotel, the Fairmont Southampton offers a variety of activities for its guests. For the sports enthusiast, this includes 2 swimming pools, a gym, tennis courts and an 18-hole executive golf course as well as the opportunity to play at another private club, Riddell’s Bay Golf Club. There is also a wonderful spa if relaxation is your aim, and several shops within the hotel.  Not to mention Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and aqua sea at the end of the driveway.

You refer to ‘formal’ dress for some events.  Could you explain if this means a tux or is a jacket and tie sufficient?

A jacket and tie is sufficient for men at the opening Charity game and the final Friday night banquet and prize-giving, although many players may wear a tux for the final night event.  For all other games ‘smart casual’ is the norm.

What is the table fee?

For ACBL members the table fee is $16 per session.  For non-ACBL players it is $20. 

What are the opportunities for Gold points?

There are several opportunities for Gold points, and you should refer to the schedule of games which highlights the Championship events where selected flights win gold. In addition to the Championship events, players who place first in Section A of a side game have these points converted to gold if they play in a second side game of the series.  We also have BERMUDA GOLD - A two session event run over two nights for 0-750 mp players awarding GOLD points.  We are running these twice in the programme.

What are the ‘Championship’ events?

The Championship events on the schedule and offer gold points for a win in the top flights.  In addition, these events all have an historic silver trophy presented to the winners at the final night prize-giving. The trophy stays in Bermuda but all winners have their name engraved on it, alongside such luminaries as Charles Goren, Stayman and Schenken.   Winners are also presented with a wonderful prize to take home.

What is the standard of other players? 

There is a wide range of playing level at the Bermuda Regional. 
For novices, we have stratified Newcomer events (MP limits: 20; 50; 100).  The Bermuda Bridge Club has a significant number of players in this category. 
For the intermediate player there are also many games available, from Pairs to Swiss Teams to Knock-out Teams, most being stratified or stratiflighted.  And our new BERMUDA GOLD two session events awarding Gold Points and are aimed towards the 0-750 mp players.
And to add spice to games at the higher level, Bermuda is pleased to see a small number of top players and professionals return regularly to the event, often with their students.