SATURDAY 21st  -  FRIDAY 27th JANUARY,  2017

Our Tournament has a friendly yet elegant and sophisticated bridge feel and we are proud to have all the Tournament Directors under the esteemed direction of Sol Weinstein, The Chief.

Come and celebrate your Bridge milestones in Bermuda, we’ll make it special for you, especially if you become Life Master with our gold points!  Bridge players have The Bermuda Regional on a list  ‘must do once in a lifetime’.  Don’t leave it too long ... make one visit and we are sure you’ll return!   Our Section Top prizes are second to none - you will want to take home a Bermuda prize or two!

We encourage formal dress for the initial bridge session - The Charity Game on Saturday night which concludes with a welcome cocktail reception. Formal attire is also appropriate for Friday evening’s festivities: Cocktails, Prize Giving and Gala Banquet and Dance - be sure not to miss the fun - book your flights home for Saturday!  


With a large number of bridge participants in the hotel, making a dining reservation pre evening bridge session is a must.  For mouthwatering descriptions of the hotel's restaurants, their menus and hours of operation click here.



Outside of the bridge session schedule, we offer a number of other events.

Don’t miss our free Lectures from the Experts

Come and quizz the Experts as they answer questions about the hands you’ve played!


During the Tournament, you may need these quick links: 

A full tournament schedule with details of all bridge sessions, master point limits and more.

Both daily Results Recap information and Hand Records for the games.

Daily Bulletins provide lots of useful tournament information, along with winners, bridge hands and bridge advice from our experts.